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Album Titles and Song Listing
The Song Listing includes a few sound clips you can listen to.
These clips are mono recordings and are meant to give you an idea of
the sound. The CDs are of much better quality.


1.The Lighthouse Ronnie Hinson/Songs of Calvary BMI 4:02
2.I Saw the Light Hank Williams/Fred Rose Music, Hiriam Music BMI 2:57
3.Wings of a Dove Bob Ferguson/Husky Music, Larrick Music BMI 3:17
4.Roses Will Bloom Again Marcia Henry/Chris White Music BMI 4:02
5.Learning to Lean John Stallings/Heartwarming Music BMI 4:11
6.Thread Of Hope Marcia B. Henry/Manna White Music ASCAP 3:31
7.One Day at a Time Marijohn Wilkin, Kris Kristofferson/Buckhorn Music BMI 3:41
8.Speak to the Mountain Marcia Henry/Chris White Music BMI 3:55
9.Victory in Jesus E.M. Bartlett/Albert E. Brumley & SonsSESAC 3:12
10.Softly and Tenderly Will L. Thompson/Public Domain 4:09

“My Lord And I”

1.I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is Geron Davis/Tennessee Music & Printing Co. ASCAP 3:31
2.Out of His Great Love Terry Franklin, Barbie Franklin/Tylis Music ASCAP 2:13
3.In The Garden C. Austin Miles/Public Domain 3:06
4.I Need You More Today Dawn Smoot/Chesnut Mound Music BMI 3:19
5.Daystar Steve Richardson/Airose Music Group ASCAP 5:03
6.He’s in The Midst Dee Kramer, Danny Kramer/Chesnut Mound Music BMI 3:16
7.God Still Answers Prayer Scott Thomas/ Chesnut Mound Music BMI 3:20
8.You Can’t Ask Too Much of My God Mark Bishop/Possum Run Music, Centergy Music BMI 3:46
9.My Lord and I William J Gaither/Gaither Music ASCAP 3:17
10.How Great Thou Art Stuart K. Hine/Manna Music ASCAP 2:44

“Saved By The Hands”

1.Ten Thousand Angels Cried David Patillo/Heartwrite Music BMI 3:58
2.The Cross Now Is Empty Shannon Childress & Robert Griffith/Hopper Brothers & Connie Publishing & Vaughn Griffith Publishing BMI 3:36
3.Oh, What a Savior Marvin P. Dalton/Stamps Quartet Music BMI 3:49
4.Who Can Do Anything? Sally Goodwin/Homeward Bound Music BMI 2:59
5.We Shall See Jesus Dianne Wilkinson/Homeward Bound Music BMI 4:49
6.The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference William J. & Gloria Gaither/William J. Gaither ASCAP 4:48
7.Saved by the Hands Gloria Gaither, Terry Franklin & Barbi Franklin/Gaither Music & Tylis Music ASCAP 3:26
8.Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul John W. Peterson/Singspiration, Inc. SESAC 3:54
9.Jesus Saves Joel Hemphill/Family and Friends Music BMI 3:07
10.The Old Rugged Cross Rev. George Bennard/Public Domain 3:53

“Come On, Ring Those Bells”

1.Mary Wrapped A Present Davis Ostrander/Hopper Brothers and Connie Publishing, Top Ten Publishers BMI 3.04
2.Silent Night Joseph Mohr & Franz Gruber/Public Domain 4:24
3.Heaven's Child Joel Lindsey/Paragon Music Corp. ASCAP 3:47
4.Joy To The World Issac Watts & George F. Handel/Public Domain 1:42
5.O Come, All Ye Faithful Fedbrick Oakley & Wade's Cantus Divers/Public Domain 2:31
6.Come On, Ring Those Bells Andrew Culverwell/Manna Music ASCAP 2:19
7.Mary Did You Know ? Mark Lowry & Buddy Greene/Word Music & Rufus Music ASCAP 3:18
8.Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem Adger M Pace & R. Fisher Boyce/Vaughan Music Co. ASCAP 3:01
9.Light of the World Phil Johnson & Mark Lowry/Mark Lowry Music. ASCAP 4:02
10.Go Tell It On The Mountain Arrangement by Ben Speer/My Father's Music BMI 2:35

“He Leadeth Me”

1. Master of The Wind Joel Hemphill / Family and Friends Music, Bridge Building Music Inc BMI 2:53
2. Footprints In The Sand Jerry Buckner, Gary Garcia / BGO Music ASCAP 3:21
3. No Not One Johnson Oatman Jr, George C. Hugg /Arr. Michael English / Dayspring Music BMI 3:30
4. Love Can Build A Bridge John Jarvis, Naomi Judd, Paul Overstreet / Scarlet Moon Music BMI 4:28
5. Yes I know Anna Waterman / Public Domain 4:55
6. There Is A River David Sapp, Max Sapp / David Sapp Music Co. BMI 6.:40
7. Shoutin’ Time Joseph Hart Luther G Presley / Bridge Building Music BMI 4:01
8. Step Into The Water Kirk Talley / Kirk Talley Music BMI 3:09
9. He Leadeth Me Joseph H Gilmore, William B Bradbury / Public Domain 3:23
10. Walkin’ By Faith Timothy Lovelace, Mary Alice Lovelace, Daryl Williams / Centergy Music BMI 2:45

"With All My Heart, Soul, And Mind"

1. Only God Knows Joyce Martin McCollough, Harrie McCollough & Joel Lindsey Joyce Martin McCollough Pubishing / Paragon Music / Willow Branch Publishing BMI 2:33
2. How Long Has It Been Mosie Lester / Mosie Lister Songs BMI 3:35
3. What A Friend (We have In Jesus) Charles C Converse & Joseph Scriven / Public Domain 2:39
4. We've Got To Get America Back To God Jerry Thompson / RNS ASCAP 3:52
5. Four Days Late Charles Aaron Wilburn & Roberta Wilburn / Darby Corner Music / House of Aaron SESAC 4:18
6. What God's Gonna Do Amy Susan Foster,Niles Borop,Joyce Martin McCollough, Harrie McCollough Berlin Road Music / Centergy Music / Joyce Martin McCollough Publishing / Niles Borop MusicC / Willow Branch Publishing BMI 3:08
7. Mercy Called Me by Name Daryl Kenneth Williams / J Douglas Music ASCAP 4:13
8. Searchin' Suzanne Jennings / Townsend & Warbucks Music ASCAP 2:43
9. With All My Heart, Soul, and Mind Brenda Homar / Good Hope Music 2:54
10. It Is Well With My Soul Horatio G. Spafford & Phillip P. Bliss / Public Domain 3:14

"I Am A Promise"

1. God Is So Good Unknown / Public Domain 2:26
2. Yes I Am Kenneth Medema / Word Music LLC ASCAP 1:19
3. Jesus Loves Me, This I Know Anna B. Warner, William B. Bradbury / Public Domain 3:28
4. Jesus I Believe What You Said Gloria L Gaither, William Gaither / Gaither Music ASCAP 3:17
5. Step Into The Sunshine CE Gassman, Molly Ann Leiken / Bud John Music, Birdwing Music ASCAP 3:23
6. This Little Light of Mine Harrry Dixon Loes / Public Domain 2:04
7. Will The Circle Be Unbroken and (This Little Light of Mine) Charles H Gabriel, Ada R Hibershon / Word Music LLC ASCAP 1:47
8. Jesus Loves The Little Children C H Woolston / Public Domain 1:40
9. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands Unknown / Public Domain 1:58
10. It’s A Small World Robert Sherman, Richard Sherman / Wonderland Music Co. Inc. BMI 1:53
11. Little Tiny Rain drops Brenda Homar / Good Hope Music 2:15
12. I Love Ice Cream Brenda Homar / Good Hope Music 1:15
13. If Your Happy and You Know It Unknown /Public Domain 1:43
14. I Am A Promise Gloria L Gaither William Gaither / Gaither Music ASCAP 2:19
15. His Will Louis Harris Jr. / Dayspring Music BMI 1:51
16. God Is So Good - Reprise Unknown /Public Domain 1:07
17. Into My Heart Harry D. Clarke / Hope Publishing Company ASCAP 1:01
18. Do Lord Carol Tornquist / Word Music LLC ASCAP 1:54
19. All Day Song John W Fischer / Bud John Music, Birdwing Music ASCAP 1:29
20. Jesus In The Morning Sonny Salsbury / Word Music LLC ASCAP 2:02
21. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus Carol Tornquist / Word Music LLC ASCAP 1:55

"Joy In My Heart"

1. The Extra Mile Tony Wood, Barry Weeks, Kenna West / Bridge Building Music , Dayspring Music / BMI New Spring Publishing, Row J Seat 9 Songs / ASCAP 3:15
2. He Will Carry You Scott Wesley Brown / Universal Music / ASCAP 4:07
3. My Life Is In Your HandsKirk Franklin / Lily Mack Music / BMI 3:54
4. Hallelujah Anyhow Joseph Pace II / Integrity’s Praise Music, Paces’ Vision Music, Universal Music Z Songs / BMI 4:14
5. We Need Hope Sheri Easter / Willow Branch Publishing 02:38
6. When He Came Unto My Heart Riley Hendricks / CRHJR Music 03:13
7. Joy In My Heart Riley Hendricks / CRHJR Music 01:33
8. In Christ Alone Keith Getty, Stuart Townsend / Thankyou Music / ASCAP 4:03
9. The Offer Still Stands Riley Hendricks / CRHJR Music 02:54
10. Just As I Am Jim Brady, Tony Wood, Barry Weeks / Brady House Publishing / Bridge Building Music / BMI / New Spring Publishing / Row J Seat 9 Songs / ASCP 4:16
11. Behold The Lamb Paula Stefanovich / Omega Christian Music / ASCAP 4:57
12. When He Comes Riley Hendricks / CRHJR Music 03:00

" Standing On The Promises"

1. Never Been Rodney P. Griffin \ Songs of Greater Vision \ BMI 3:37
2. The Promise Brian G. White, Donald W. Poythress \Universal Music – Brentwood Benson \ SESAC 5:11
3. Count Your Blessing Kimberly A. Mclean, Billy J. Johnston \Kim McLean Music, Well Hollow Music \ ASCAP 3:39
4. Standing On The Promises R. Kelso Carter \ Public Domain 2:31
5. Cleanse Me Edwin Orr, Maori Melody \ Public Domain 5:19
6. I Surrender All Judson W. Van de Venter, Winfield S. Weeden \ Public Domain 3:29
7. Have Thine Own Way Lord Adelaide A. Pollard, George C. Stebbins, Lani Kamiki \ Hope Publishing \ ASCAP 4:39
8. The Longer I Serve Him William J. Gaither / Hanna Street Music \ BMI 4:29
9. In My Heart There Rings A Melody Elton M. Roth \ Hope Publishing \ ASCAP 2:36
10. Amazing Grace John Newton / Public Domain 3:25
11. What A Day That Will Be Jim Hill / Ben Speer Music / SESAC 3:46
12. Get All Excited William J. Gaither / Hanna Street Music \ BMI 2:52